our story with tessa

Tessa, our esteemed bride-to-be, placed her utmost trust in our expertise as she embarked on her transformative skincare journey leading up to her momentous day. Commencing with our Advanced Skin Analysis, we meticulously assessed Tessa's complexion, laying the foundation for a comprehensive treatment plan spanning a duration of five months.

Tessa's aspirations encompassed achieving a radiant and even skin tone, while simultaneously addressing post-acne scarring. To address these concerns, we devised an intensive regimen, commencing with a series of three Skin Needling sessions, strategically targeting her scarring and promoting overall skin tone improvement. These sessions were thoughtfully spaced to ensure the cumulative benefits of the treatments would manifest in time for her wedding day. As a final corrective measure, we recommended an Azyme Peel to illuminate her skin's surface and alleviate any congestion, leaving her with a flawless canvas for her special occasion.

In the week leading up to her wedding, we shifted our focus to hydration, treating Tessa to a rejuvenating Oxygen and LED treatment, a perennial favorite in our bridal preparation repertoire. This indulgent procedure not only replenished moisture levels but also imparted a luminous glow, ensuring Tessa radiated beauty on her big day.

Throughout the course of her monthly treatments, we made meticulous adjustments to Tessa's homecare routine, guaranteeing her skin received optimal support between sessions. Our hero product, the Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum, played a pivotal role in fortifying her skin's barrier, enriched with the nourishing benefits of Vitamin B3 and B5, while infusing ample hydration into her cellular matrix, thereby enhancing the outcomes of her corrective treatments.

With Tessa's Bridal Skin Journey commencing with an Advanced Skin Analysis, we had the privilege of documenting her progress using our state-of-the-art Observ Device, capturing comprehensive images of her skin along the way. This innovative tool enabled us to ensure that her goals were consistently met throughout her transformative journey.


“I first contacted MYB 6 months out from my wedding with no idea what I needed or where to begin, other than knowing I wanted that glowing bridal skin for our wedding. After my initial consult with Keelyn, we worked together to plan out treatments leading up to the big day that would suit my skin, budget and timeline.

Throughout the process I felt like I was in safe hands, everyone at MYB is very knowledgeable and professional; and every facial was a really lovely experience. Keelyn did a superb job, delivering glowing skin which gave me great confidence on my wedding day - it is the best my skin has ever been! Big thank you to Keelyn and the MYB team x”