Our most common FAQ's

Do you package any of your treatments?

Yes we do! We create customised packages for you based on your concerns, budget and lifestyle. We recommend booking in for an Advanced Skin Consultation first to discuss your concerns and history, as well as comprehensively analysing the skin with our Observ device that takes images of the skin, allowing us to assess deep within the skin to better advise on your treatment plan!

Do you do any skin treatments for men?

Of course! We examine your skin depending on its health and any concerns you may have and treat skin regardless of gender. Booking a "Decide on the Day" facial will allow your skin therapist to customise the treatment for you if you are undecided about which treatment would be the best fit for you.

I don’t know which facial to choose!! What do I pick?

With so much information now and so many more treatments coming out every year it can certainly be confusing. We keep up with regular training for this very reason, so you will be in safe hands with all of our Skin Therapists when you book any service. We would suggest you book in for a "Decide on the Day Facial", that way your Skin Therapist can assess your skin and concerns and tailor the treatment accordingly. Alternatively, come in for an Advanced Skin Consultation so we can better assess and discuss treatment outcomes with you before you start your skin journey!

I have never had a Peel before, what should I expect?

For all of our Ultraceuticals Peels you certainly won’t experience shedding like a snake! They work gently on the skin and you should only notice some mild dryness or flakiness in certain areas of the face, that will subside within a week post treatment. Beyond that skin can sometimes be slightly red or a little bit sensitive for the first few days.

I love my skincare, does that mean I have to change what I’m using if I start having treatments?

Not necessarily. Whilst we do recommend you use a range of cosmeceutical products, we will work with you to find out what you love, what you aren’t so fond of and if what you are using is working for you. We will recommend accordingly and only if we truly believe a product or products are going to benefit you and compliment your treatment.

I’m using multiple skincare brands, is this ok?

Skin care tends to work synergistically, this means that each product works with each other to enhance the results. If choosing multiple brands we recommend using no more than 2 different skin care ranges.

Why would I need a Skin Consultation?

Our Advanced Skin Consultation is a deep dive into your skins history. We talk of your concerns and take in depth pictures to be able to show us what is going on underneath the surface as well. We discuss treatments and products you have tried before, lifestyle and nutrition, water and alcohol intake, family and medical history and these are just a few examples. All of this gives us a better understanding of your skin and how to address your concerns correctly. We can then come up with a plan of how to get you skin to where you want it to be.

For clients with pigmentation this is a must. As we know there are varying degrees and types of pigment and we will need to take photos to determine the depth of pigment which will determine the treatments available to you.