It was an absolute privilege to accompany Mary on her remarkable skincare voyage leading up to her wedding day. Employing a strategic blend of skin needling, skin peels, and hydration treatments, we diligently endeavored to establish an impeccable foundation for her momentous occasion. Each session was meticulously personalized, allowing us to make subtle adjustments along the way, propelling her results to new heights while catering to her unique skin needs.

Working with Mary was an absolute pleasure, as she exhibited unwavering cooperation and enthusiasm throughout the entire process. Additionally, her decision to enhance her brows through tattooing proved to be a brilliant choice, granting her a sense of readiness without the need for extensive daily preparations. This harmonious fusion, coupled with her resplendent complexion, seamlessly facilitated the realization of our mutually agreed-upon objectives. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Mary's transformative journey.


"Originally planning to get married in November 2021, I started my skin journey about 12 months before my wedding. I had my initial facial and expressed that I was hoping to have glowing skin for my wedding day and be in the best condition for my makeup on the big day. I had a number of different treatments throughout that time, I think that I most enjoyed the skin needling as the difference to my skin was visible in the days and weeks following. I also had my eyebrows tattooed by Melissa and will tell anyone who listens that this was one of the best investments in my wedding budget. I feel like my face is half done each and every morning because of my eyebrows and I get compliments on their shape all the time. I was nervous to start to prepare my skin but was reassured along the way by Naomi and was talked through each treatment and guided with the best follow up and at home care following. Extending my monthly treatments until April 2022 when our wedding could proceed, I felt confident in my own skin. Looking at photos now, I feel really good about how I looked on the day and am truly thankful for the MYB staff for their help in achieving this.