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Laielle proved to be a delightful collaborator in the lead-up to her wedding, demonstrating a proactive approach by engaging our services six months in advance to ensure her skin was in optimal condition for her special day. Our journey together commenced with a comprehensive skin consultation, during which we engaged in an in-depth conversation to ascertain Laielle's desires and address any concerns she harbored in anticipation of her wedding. Together, we determined that prioritizing hydration was paramount, given her expressed concerns regarding congestion and dehydration.

As a result, we devised a preliminary treatment plan that featured a combination of hydration peels, oxygen infusion, and LED light treatments. Laielle embarked on a series of four hydration peels, a procedure designed to resurface the skin and augment its moisture levels, resulting in a refreshed and thoroughly hydrated complexion. As the wedding drew nearer, we administered two oxygen infusion treatments, renowned for their ability to plump and intensely hydrate the skin, especially advantageous for brides-to-be.

Simultaneously, we recommended a customized homecare regimen for Laielle, incorporating the Ultra B2 Serum and Ultra Hydrating Lotion. This synergistic blend of professional treatments and tailored skincare proved instrumental in achieving the flawless canvas Laielle desired for her wedding day.


“I’ve been visiting Melissa Young for years now and they’ve been incredibly helpful with my skin journey and prep towards my wedding. I trusted Ciara to treat me upon consult and recommend what treatment works for me and my skin. Leading up to my wedding, I was recommended some products to use which helped me keep my skin plump and hydrated (the perfect base for make-up) which I followed up with a hydrating facial, oxygen infusion and LED light. This was the perfect combo for my skin to be nice and prepped the day before my make-up.

The final result was absolutely flawless as I kept getting compliments on my skin. Not to mention how great it looked in photos. Thank you to Ciara and the Melissa Young team for the amazing service and making the journey so easy and stress-free!”