The importance of skincare at home

Professional and cosmeceutical skincare contains clinically tested ingredients, coupled with a delivery system that allows them to work effectively within the skin. Not only can it help to amplify results of treatments, having an appropriate skincare routine will also assist in supporting skin barrier function and strength so that the skin can naturally regenerate and regulate itself the way that we want it to, and so that we can continue to build up and increase the intensity of our corrective treatments.

Long term results can be reached when professional treatments are supported with the right formulations to continue to maintain and protect the results that were given in the treatment room. More than 80% of your results, when it comes to treating your skin, will come from how you are looking after your skin at home.

​Just like going to the gym to build muscle or training for a triathlon, treating the skin takes time and it really does take putting in the effort at home to maintain your results with professional skincare.