Our story with Henrietta

Henrietta initially sought our services at MYB based on a glowing recommendation from her closest confidante. As she graced our doors for a "Decide on the Day" facial, we engaged in a meaningful conversation surrounding her forthcoming nuptials and her aspirations for her skin's appearance. Demonstrating remarkable foresight, Henrietta allotted a generous 10-month timeframe for us to nurture her complexion, ensuring an unparalleled radiance on her momentous day.

To our delight, Henrietta presented with a resplendent canvas, characterized by an even complexion and minimal imperfections. However, our primary focus centered around restoring optimal hydration levels. With meticulous consideration, we curated a bespoke regimen, entailing a blend of lactic, brightening, and retinol peels, expertly complemented by our signature oxygen infusion. This comprehensive approach aimed to invigorate and revitalize the skin surface, while simultaneously replenishing vital moisture.

To amplify the benefits of our in-clinic treatments, we judiciously introduced the Ultra B2 serum into Henrietta's daily skincare routine, alongside the Ultra A Mild, a retinol-based product, to be applied on alternating evenings. These additions proved instrumental in expediting visible improvements, much to our shared delight. It was an absolute pleasure to embark on this transformative journey with such a delightful individual, culminating in her resplendent radiance on her wedding day.


“Thank you to you and the team for looking after me in the lead up to the wedding! 

It was one of the best wedding gifts I received and made such a difference in how I felt in the lead-up - I’ve never had better skin and a simple, effective routine at home that I love so much. (And not a single breakout despite the stress!)”