our story with Anna

Anna, our lovely bride-to-be, embarked on her wedding journey 11 months prior to the big day. To address any potential skin issues, we took a gentle and nurturing approach, focusing on calming and soothing her skin. In the beginning, we started with two rounds of Oxygen Infusions combined with LED therapy. This not only stimulated her skin cells but also provided much-needed hydration and relief. Once Anna's skin was in a healthier state, we switched between Oxygen Infusions, LED therapy, and Customised Peels. This combination allowed us to restore her skin's protective barrier while addressing her breakout concerns. Together, we crafted a personalized treatment plan that perfectly suited Anna's needs.

Thanks to Anna's dedication and regularity in attending monthly treatments, following our homecare advice, and taking care of her overall well-being, the clinical treatments performed by our team were exponentially improved and enhanced.


“Keelyn changed my entire world with her care for my skin!! I had hormonal breakouts which seemed to have a mind of their own and Keelyn was so attentive, even getting me to send photos between facials to see what’s happening. I’d always been scared to introduce new things on my face but after working with Keelyn for a while now anything she says I trust wholeheartedly. She not only fixed my skin, she made me more comfortable in my own skin and normalised breakouts so I wasn’t so embarrassed if they came through. The time I spend there is not only for my skin health but my mental health, the comfiest bed, Keelyn has the most soothing voice and is so passionate about her work, I seriously love coming to MYB. Keelyn is so attentive, when I lost my serum in Italy she searched up Italian Sephora to find something similar for me to buy to replace that step! “She goes above and beyond and my skin and my mind have never been happier.